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B/A Rosebuds
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Buffy and Angel short story challenge
Buffy and Angel Rosebuds

Welcome to our B/A community!

Every month we will post twenty titles and ask you to write a B/A rosebud story. Simplicity itself…

Extra information:

  • A rosebud is a short story. It’s longer than a drabble (100 words) but less than 500 words.
  • Disclaimers, summaries, notes, and any other author comments you wish to have can be used in addition to the 500 word count.
  • You have four weeks to post your rosebud, because the next set will go up then. However, there is no time limit to post them.
  • Your story can be any genre you like. Light, dark, fluffy, angsty, horror - anything, just as long as it's relevant to B/A in some way.
  • Feel free to interpret the titles in any way that you choose. You can keep the title as a title, or just use it as a nudge to get your plot bunny moving. It's all up to you.
  • You can do as many, or few, rosebuds as you choose. There is no limit.
  • If you've got a wayward story that simply won't fit into 500 words, hey - all stories are good. If it's 500 pages you can still post it!
  • Feel free to tag the story with your name – just please use the same name each time you post a rosebud.
  • You don't have to be a great writer to take part. Everyone is welcome, even if you've never written before!

    Titles will be posted monthly by Kairos, Ares, Jo, Leni, or Dark Star. If you would like to help us, drop a comment on the post or speak to one of us.