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End of an era.

Hi all,

Sadly, due to the lack of interest in this community I shall no longer be making updates on it. I just don’t have time to maintain something that nobody wants to use.

The stories will stay up for now, and if you wish, you can continue to use the old prompts for your rosebuds. Rosebud prompts will now be posted over at our sister site writers_toybox and I hope you will join us there.

Thank you for your support in the past and who knows? Maybe rosebuds will resurface again one day.
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New prompts

It's June and time for new prompts.

Tick Tock

What do you say? Do you feel a fic coming on? I hope so.


A quadruple (?!) rosebud

Title: Sweet Reflections
Author: [info]fluffernutter8
Rating: PG
Fandom: BTVS/ATS
Pairings: Buffy/Angel, implied Xander/Anya, Willow/Oz, Willow/Tara and Dawn/OC
Summary: The secret ingredient is always, always love. Post-Chosen, post-NFA
Notes: I used the prompt "reflection," but what was supposed to be a short fic...kind of got away from me. Still, I'm posting it here because the original inspiration came from the prompt list. Please neglect my lateness and length, and enjoy my Cookie Day 2012 fic! X-posted all over creation, so I apologize if this fills up your flist.

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New Titles!

It’s a new month and a new set of Rosebud Titles!

1. Power Play
2. Difficult
3. End of the Road
4. Poltergeist
5. Meadows
6. Soldier
7. Reflection
8. Boiled
9. Soulmates
10. Hostage
11. The Grim Reaper.
12. Playing For Keeps
13. Casino
14. Glamorous
15. Crime Fighter
16. Heroes
17. Knife Edge
18. Mother Knows Best
19. Good Times
20. Battle

Use your titles in any way that pleases you. Have fun!
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New Titles

The beginning of March brings a lot of good things. Cooler weather, for those of us living in the southern hemisphere and sweltering in the heat, spring warmth for you guys in the north, and new titles for rosebuds. 







Rules of engagement








Desert Island







Let the games begin. J




A very short rosebud

Title: Home Improvements
Author: fluffernutter8
Word Count: 445
Prompt: No Place Like Home
Summary: Slayers don't have all the skills. Fluffy future fic (surprised?)

She had just wanted to touch up the bathroom. As a former vampire and as an artist, Angel's eyes were still sensitive to aspects of their house that were invisible to her. What wasn't invisible was they way that, as they brushed their teeth, his gaze would slide to the corners of the room, to the edges of the mirror where the red was fading slightly. He would wince and then smile and say, "Nothing," when she asked what was wrong. And when she pushed he would say that really, after everything, his life was perfect. So she would kiss him and they would end up in bed and still his eyes would shift slightly to the faded patches on the wall.

"Angel." She snorted as she levered the top off of the can of Chili Pepper Red. "Maybe he should be called Anal." She sat up suddenly. "Wow, that came out dirtier than expected." Too late, she realized that moving quickly while the screwdriver was still in the paint can had caused the entire bathroom floor to look like a nunnery after an Angelus and Darla party.

"Damn, that was morbid," she muttered. She grabbed one of the insanely expensive towels that Angel had insisted upon buying (not like she had exactly complained that much- once you'd felt Brazilian cotton against your skin after your shower, there was no turning back) and started to mop up the floor. Maybe the red wouldn't show up on the black towels.

It did show up on her jeans and t-shirt, though. They were her painting clothes, luckily, because not even Angel was worth ruining a pair of nice Calvins, but her knees left marks as she crawled around on the once-white floor.

"Crap." Trying to do something nice for your husband apparently didn't pay. She was planning a route to the door so she could change without getting any more paint on her clothes or on anything in the hallway, when Angel came up the stairs.

"You're human now, Angel. Making noise is the new sneaking around. Get with the times," she grumbled.

Angel leaned against the wall, raising an eyebrow at his wife as she hopped around, attempting to take off her sneakers while not touching anything. Unfortunately, that just meant that the tiles now had a lovely footprint pattern on them. "Is making your bathroom look like the inside of a tomato another new thing to do?"

She gave up on taking off her shoe, and collapsed on the floor. She curled up cross-legged, looking very small and very innocent, and smiled up at him winningly.

"You just came at a really bad time."